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Sirius Promotions brings you a night exploring the differences within black metal. Initially infamous for its elitist nature, black metal has spawned a variety of sounds, and its influence can be heard in a great deal of underground metal. On this night, therefore, we bring you a number of examples in the differences in sound, brought together by a black metal core. Haar will bring the progressive aspect, Acolyte the groove, Ba...alberith the traditional that has stood the test of time, and Absinthropy the experimental.

Due to the distance that a couple of bands are travelling, there will be a small cost of 3 quid to cover costs (less than a pound per band)! None of this is going to lining the promoters pockets; it's literally there to help alleviate some of the costs we face bringing you something different!

Support the underground for the price of just a little more than a drink!

In no certain order as of yet are:

Edinburgh's HAAR

Featuring current/former members of Ix, Vostok and Erowid, Haar play atmospheric, progressive black metal, with elements of doom and death "conjour[ing] desolate landscapes where raw speed is balanced with doomy, progressive parts." Their E.P was well received in the metal press, hailed for "creating a very thick and eerie guitar-driven atmosphere " whilst "presenting a confident and idioscynchratic approach to black metal... [that] could quite easily pass for a release by an established band".

Inspired by Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Wolves In The Throne Room, Weakling, Burzum, Ved Buens Ende

Manchester's ACOLYTE

Describing themselves as "an extreme metal band from Manchester interested in creating some harsh blackened grooves with a melodic slant." They've been recently hailed by Terrorizer as "play[ing] with awesome technical ability and create[ing] an atmospheric and progressive sound reminiscent of the new Enslaved material... Acolyte are definitely a band to watch."

Inspirations include bands such as Ved Buens Ende, Enslaved and Deathspell Omega

black metallers BAALBERITH

Baalberith blend thrash, black and doom metal which culminates in a “a form of raw/semi-technical Black Metal that, without a doubt, commands respect from peers and fans alike”. Able to “hunt across many genres seamlessly blending them together” to create a sound that is “as experimental as Moonblood but as dark as Burzum” culminating in an experience where “Dark Ambience flows nicely between the tracks that gain aggressive undertones and full blown onslaughts of violence.”

Remaining true to the black metal framework, whilst expanding their sound, make Baalberith’s show one not to be missed… “If you’re not ready for this onslaught, it will knock you on your ass”

and the experimental ABSINTHROPY

An experimental dark rock band that takes influences from Black Metal to 80's Pop and everything in between bring their first live performance to Birmingham! With an upcoming double album which is divided into two half’s: Side Absinthe and Side Misanthropy that spans over an hour of depressive music, they will certainly be a band to that pushes the boundaries of black metal. The inclusion of later added female voice of Samantha Partridge has given a more mourning and melancholic passage to Absinthropy's ever changing palette.

(Hail to MTUK Zine, Leave the Hall, Infernal Masquerade webzine, Michael Blanchard and Terrorizer for their reviews; their words are finer than those that my dim imagination would allow me - suffice to say, however, I think all the bands have a FUCKING AWESOME sound, I wouldn't be this excitied if they didn't!)

Event Page: ... 5126125970

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New poster and details. Check it out!

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