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Séance Records Presents
13 Bands . Two Nights of Black Metal
MARCH 30TH & 31ST 2012





The Valve Bar, 900 Princess Highway
Tempe, Sydney, Australia.

Thirteen Turns in the hangman’s noose, thirteen steps drudged to the gallows and thirteen cards in the THE DEVIL’S ARCANA, each a divination unto darkness.
Séance Records presents this special union of Black Metal from Australia and New Zealand to take place in Sydney over two nights in March 2012.
This live event will be a unique underground gathering of dark music and art, conjuring the aural and visual as each act turns a card to reveal greater revelations of His Arcana.

Tickets will be strictly limited; the venue is small and intimate to give each patron the benefit of the best vantage and experience. Two night passes will ONLY be available for pre sale. If not sold out patrons will be able to pay night to night at the door. However to avoid disappointment get in early to be a part of The Devil’s Arcana!

Two Night Pass - $40AUD inc registered postage to anywhere in Australia.
Order online now from –
Or paypal $40AUD per ticket required to seancerecords @ (remove spaces).
Please be sure to put Devil’s Arcana Ticket in the subject header, specify the qty & your postal address for delivery.

Tickets will also be available from
Le Cabinet des Curiosities, 97 Enmore Rd, Enmore, Sydney
PH: 0295174598
(Credit card taken over the phone and efpos facilities available in store)

Please direct any ticket queries to – seancerecords @

All bands will have merchandise for sale on the night and there will be music/ merch stalls by Séance Records and others to be announced.
The Valve bar offers cheap drinks and food. It is located on a busy main road also close to food, public transport and passing taxis. The venue is a short commute via taxi from Newtown.
The show is over 18s, please contact the venue directly for underage allowances.

13 cards and 13 secrets to be revealed by 13 covens and so begins…

The Chariot – CORVUS (VIC) Revelations begin with the spirit of conquest, the machines of war, pomp and splendor draw nigh, a raw and savage manifestation of traditional black metal and chaos.

Fortitude - NONTINUUM (VIC) – The card of perseverance and inner struggle, to accept the mantra of pain, melancholia and introspection borne on the wings of melodic and atmospheric, depressive black metal. This shall be the first live gathering in Sydney by the brothers of fortitude.

The Moon – MOON (QLD) – The dark nature of human kind inspired by lunar creatures and conjured by the sounds of raw symphonic black metal. Be not fooled by the moon’s beauteous bright for the night lays in shroud dark and fierce.

The Emperor – WARDAEMONIC (WA) – To rule the throne of darkness is to rule the world with chaos and herald this rule with a wave of devastating noise, a dense dark intensity of unrelenting black metal returned from the Western horizon!

The Devil - DROWNING THE LIGHT (NSW) – To unfurl the chains of oppression is to do unto him in all actions and deeds. It is as to drowning the light. To commemorate the release of the band’s thirteenth album, ‘Oceans of Eternity’ the vampyric brotherhood will overturn the thirteenth card to headline Friday night ceremonies with this exclusive and unique live show. Material old and new shall be revealed for this pinnacle of the first night’s proceedings. However yet to come, the remaining cards in this arcane enigma…

Night one is at an end, nocturnal rise with bacchic revelries aside to begin again. Five revealed a further eight to attend..

The Wheel of Fortune - SORATHIAN DAWN (NSW) – Fortunes are raised high and borne low as the wheel turns in its ouroborus cycle of the weaving fates.. and so opens the second eve of musical ceremonies with the debut of sinister melodic black metal from Sydney.

The Hermit – CROWNED (QLD) – Those endowed with the deep knowledge to be attained by solitude and introspection. A silence to be broken and shared unto the world upon the hermits return as songs sung in murky veils of doom paced atmospheric black metal.

The Tower – ILL OMEN (NSW) – Those who dwell in the tower built to touch heaven but who enter through the gates of Hell. Its flames spell only omens of ill fate when drawn from the deck and the catastrophic cries of deathly black esoterica crafted in sorrowful black metal. The vile live debut of this obscure unearthly entity!

The Magus – EREBUS ENTHRONED (NSW) – Of wand and serpent bound in eternity and transmutation, their being is the ladder between divinity and earth, as above, so below. Great mysteries are revealed in their musical spells of chthonic dark energy, extreme intense occult black metal delivered unto the waiting congregation. The magi shall reveal new hymns as yet unspoken.!/Erebusenthroned

Judgment – ORDER OF ORIAS (VIC) – When the dead rise from crypt and sea the final judgment shall be heralded by these extreme illuminations, a loud and resounding malevolent oppression of death tainted black metal. This live ascension will be a true revelation of doom to launch their magnificent new album, ‘Inverse’.

The Star – SPIRE – Each star is a step in the navigation of higher enlightenment; it is the card to define the astral journey of spire’s black peak reaching starward in order to reveal great enigmas through the hypnotic transcendence of this crushingly dark musical entity. Each death chant and bellow resounds in bleak dark noise; doom veiled shadow, ambience and atmospheric black metal. Spire return to Sydney as a shooting star falling to earth on the eve of the new EP release, ‘Metamorph’.

The Hanged Man – PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS (NSW) – Thirteen, the hang mans number as his noose welcomes death with the tightening of thirteen turns. By grim gallow or gnarly tree he hangs in the place between life and death, companion of decay, plague and pestilence. Pestilential Shadows tells his tales of despair, haunting breadths of sinister black metal that touch as death’s chill hands upon the heart. Performing new material from the forthcoming, ‘Ephemera’ album, so explored are death’s great mysteries!

Death – VASSAFOR (NZ) – Death rides a pale horse and his blackened banner signals the great arrival of this mighty force from New Zealand in their first ever live Australian appearance. Vassafor, a monument to heaviness and dank deathly aura headline the Saturday night and complete the thirteen hands dealt in this live ritual. Their crushing musical chaos of bestial black metal and subsonic doom shall ravage as death’s destructive hand cast down to lay waste on all in its wake! Behold as the new musical work, ‘Obsidian Codex’ is unleashed!

Death the final rider, the final card revealed in this black arcana! Remember, Death rides high because in the end we all die the same.. and so ends the Devil’s Arcana until the deck next be drawn.

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